Spaulding Dentistry in Decatur, GA

A Unique Approach to Dental Care

At Spaulding Dentistry, our goal is to offer the very best dental care that’ll enhance not only your smile but also improve your quality of life. Our team members work together to create a shared vision of uncompromising excellence.

Dental Technology at Spaulding Dentistry

Technology has become an essential part of modern dental care. We continuously research dental technologies and carefully monitor their maturity and benefits before integrating them into our practice. Currently, Dr. Spaulding uses:

Icon for a dental X-ray.

Digital Radiography

Provides low-level X-rays without compromising clarity.

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Intra-Oral Cameras

Helps us better understand patients’ current oral health and create customized treatment plans.

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Odyssey Diode Lasers

Provides soft tissue modification and preventative care.

Visit Us in Decatur, GA

In addition to the latest dental technology, we offer an office experience like no other. Dr. Spaulding has the skill and expertise to tackle all of your family’s general and cosmetic dentistry needs. You can count on exceptional care in a tranquil, spa-like environment when you visit Spaulding Dentistry.

At our practice, we make a routine dental visit a great experience for our guests. We strive to provide a comfortable, welcoming environment while maintaining a conservative approach to care.

Spaulding Dentistry FAQ

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Why Call Patients “Guests” at Spaulding Dentistry?

Simply put, we want you to feel like you’re a guest in our home. We want your experience with us to be positive, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure you leave feeling great.

How is Spaulding Dentistry Different?

We believe our approach to dentistry is different because it combines the latest technology with classic comfort and friendliness. Our office is equipped with aromatherapy, hot towels, personal music, video stations, and more to ensure you have a relaxing experience. Take a tour of our office to see the differences yourself.

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