Infection Control in Decatur, GA

Safety Is Our Top Priority at Spaulding Dentistry

At Spaulding Dentistry, we’re committed to the safety and wellbeing of our valued patients. With the constant uncertainties present today, we go the extra mile to provide precautions whenever necessary. Our Decatur dental office is well-equipped with the latest infection control measures and technology. We provide high-quality dental care while also ensuring your overall health is always protected.

Dr. Spaulding emphasizes proper cleaning protocols on a day-to-day basis, making sure our office is far above the standard requirements. Explore our safety measures below.

Added Protocols to Protect Your Health

Here are a few of the measures we’ve taken at Spaulding Dentistry to ensure both the health of our patients and staff:

  • Touchless hand sanitizers throughout the office.
  • One-time shoe coverings at each visit.
  • Air Purifiers with True HEPA Filters with the capability to capture 99.97 percent aerosols are installed in each of the operatory suites, the reception lounge, and the departure area.
  • FDA-Approved Touchless Infrared thermometers for daily screenings of patients and staff.
  • A one-directional hallway system that allows us to maintain standard social distancing.
  • Isolite Intra-Oral Protective System for superior isolation and airway protection.
  • UV-Box Decontamination Chamber. This is a medical-grade, FDA-approved UVC Box used in research laboratories. The high-efficiency chamber is designed to safely decontaminate materials by using ultraviolet light to kill viruses and bacteria.
  • ADS Extraoral Medical Grade Suction Filtration System. The vacuum system is designed to remove droplets and aerosols, effectively filtering and removing potentially toxic vapors and microbiological contaminants away from the immediate breathing areas.
  • Pre-rinse antibacterial rinses are offered to all patients to decrease bacterial load within their mouths.
  • Barrier tapes are placed at touch areas to avoid cross-contamination.

We don’t want your dental health to suffer due to a worry about your safety. Our health and safety protocols have been put in place to ease both our staff and patients’ minds.

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