Isolite System in Decatur, GA

Keeping Our Patients Safe and Healthy

Dr. Spaulding has implemented a variety of precautions when it comes to the sanitation of our Decatur dental office. One of our preventive measures in keeping both our patients and staff healthy is the use of the Isolite System. Studies have shown that the Isolite System significantly reduces aerosols and minimizes their exposure to patients.

When aerosols are created by high-speed handpieces, ultrasonic scalers, and other instruments, the “spray” not only carries particles of water but also bacteria, viruses, blood, and saliva. These aerosols can contain up to 100,000 bacteria per cubic foot of air. One of the most important things for protection is to reduce airborne particles with continuous suction.

What Is the Isolite System?

The Isolite System functions by isolating certain teeth or areas of the mouth so that Dr. Spaulding and our dental hygienists can work without obstructions. This has been done before with cotton balls or rubber dams, which could be uncomfortable for patients and not always effective. 

The Isolite System is a much cleaner, safer option. When compared to the performance of a high volume evacuator (HVE) alone, a rubber dam plus an HVE, or the use of the Isolite system alone, studies show that the Isolite is more effective in reducing the number of airborne particles. This makes it the best option to decrease exposure to bacteria and airborne pathogens.

Diagram showing cultures after different levels of filtering.

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