Your Smile at Spaulding Dentistry

Share Your Smile With Confidence

Your smile is uniquely yours—and we’re your partner in bringing your smile to life through careful, customized augmentation. We don’t believe in “cookie-cutter” smiles. It’s our goal to give you the smile you want based on your unique needs including:

Your Lifestyle

How you live makes a significant impact on your appearance

Your Personality

Whether you have quiet confidence, classy elegance, or are bright and charming, it should be reflected in your smile

Lines of Symmetry

Your “facial thirds” from hairline to nose, and upper lip to chin should be balanced with your smile

Teeth Characteristics

The size, shape, length, width, angle and rotation of each tooth affect your smile’s appearance

Colors, Shades & Tones

Your hair, eyes, skin, teeth, gums; even the whites of your eyes play a role in which shades suits your smile best

Your Golden Proportions

The symmetry between the left and right sides of your face contribute to cosmetic decisions

Your Age, Weight & Gender

All these factors play key roles in the creation of your tailor-made smile

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