Dental Implants in Decatur, GA

Restore Your Complete Smile

Living with missing or severely damaged teeth is more than just a drain on your confidence in social settings. Missing teeth can make it hard to eat, speak, and can lead to health complications like jaw deterioration. Fortunately, there’s a permanent, natural-looking solution that will not only restore the function of your teeth but also blend seamlessly with your smile—dental implants. 

Dr. Spaulding is a skilled family and cosmetic dentist who performs state-of-the-art implant procedures at our Decatur, GA office. If you’re looking for natural-looking restorations in Atlanta, read on to see if dental implants are right for you.

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is made of three parts—a small titanium post that replaces the root of the missing tooth, an abutment that serves as a connector, and a porcelain crown that replaces the visible part of the tooth. Patients with all sorts of restoration needs choose dental implants to enhance their appearance, boost their confidence, and enjoy the functional benefits that come with a permanent tooth replacement.

Here, you’ll find some of the common types of cases where dental implants can be applied:

  • Replace a single tooth. If you have a single tooth missing, an implant is inserted into the bone to replace the root part of that tooth. An abutment and crown are then placed over the top of it, simulating a real tooth in every way. In no time, you’ll be able to resume smiling, chewing, and talking normally. 
  • Replace several teeth. Implants are an ideal solution for patients missing multiple adjacent teeth. An implant-supported bridge can be applied to permanently fill the gaps of several teeth and restore your complete smile.
  • Support for removable dentures. While traditional dentures rest on the gums and put pressure on the underlying bone, implants transfer pressure onto the bone structure. With an implant-supported denture, you’ll give your jaw the essential stimulation it needs while preventing your dentures from slipping while you eat and speak. 

Whether you’re missing a single tooth or several teeth, there’s no better or longer-lasting way to restore your smile than with a permanent dental implant solution. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Spaulding today and see what a difference dental implants could make for you.

Benefits of Dental Implants 

Our experienced team is well-versed in providing patients with high-quality, custom-made implants to ensure their smiles are restored beautifully. At Spaulding Dentistry, you can rest assured that we take the utmost care with your implant procedure. Many patients choose dental implants because of the many unique benefits they offer:

  • Low maintenance: Your implants can be cared for just like natural teeth. There’s no need for extra procedures, you’ll brush and floss normally to maintain your oral health. 
  • Increased comfort: Because dental implants are secured firmly in your jaw, there’s no chance for them to slip out of place. They won’t just look natural—they’ll feel just like real teeth. 
  • Permanent: With dental implants, you’ll receive a restoration designed to last a lifetime. 
  • Discreet: The only visible part of your restoration is the crown which we’ll color-match to your natural teeth, ensuring they blend in seamlessly within the rest of your smile. 
  • Protects your adjacent teeth: Because dental implants rely solely on the titanium post to anchor them in place, there’s no risk of your implant damaging the surrounding teeth. They also provide support for your other teeth, avoiding any potential shifting.
  • Jaw Restoration: Dental implants are the only restoration that promotes the health of your jawbone. The titanium post is secured in your jaw as a replacement for the original tooth’s roots. This stimulates natural bone growth through a process called osseointegration and can strengthen your jaw in the long term. 

Candidacy for Dental Implants

The most important factor in being a good candidate for dental implants is having adequate jaw bone density for the implants procedure to be successful. While most patients are good candidates for implants, patients who suffer from tooth decay or don’t have enough supporting bone may not be. If this is the case, a supplemental procedure may be necessary in order to prepare the mouth to receive implants successfully. 

The Dental Implant Procedure

The dental implant process requires several appointments to our Decatur office. Because the procedure is permanent, there’s a recovery period required between appointments to ensure your jaw is healing properly. 

During your consultation, Dr. Spaulding will provide a comprehensive dental exam and discuss treatment options with you. If you’ve decided on dental implants, we’ll begin the planning phase. This phase consists of taking take x-rays of your jaw to ensure you’re an ideal candidate for dental implants. If not, we’ll recommend a supplemental procedure in order to move forward with your dental implant treatment. 

Prior to beginning the procedure, we’ll provide you with a local anesthetic to ensure a painless experience. In this phase, we’ll place the titanium post in your jaw. Once we’ve placed the titanium post, we’ll work on attaching the abutment to the post and take a detailed impression of your teeth so we can create a permanent, color-matched crown for your implant. Before you leave our office, we’ll provide you with a temporary crown while you recover. 

After the procedure, you’ll recover and heal at home so the titanium post has time to naturally integrate into your jaw bone. This typically takes several months, as it takes time for your bone to grow around your dental implant so it will be strong enough to stay in place.

When your permanent crown is ready, you’ll return once more to our Decatur office for placement. We’ll attach your permanent restoration, allowing you to leave our practice with a beautiful, new smile. 

Caring for Your Dental Implants

Dr. Spalding recommends dental implants as the perfect restorative solution for patients who don’t want to remove their restoration every night or those looking for a solution that will last a lifetime. While they’re resistant to cavities and tooth decay, they’re not immune to discoloration or periodontal disease so it’s important to establish a consistent at-home oral health routine. 

Dental implants function just like your regular teeth, so you’ll practice the same dental hygiene habits as you do your natural teeth. Brush twice a day, floss regularly, and make sure to visit our office for regular checkups with Dr. Spaulding once every six months.

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